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Ah, I have a crush on another lesbian. Her name's Allysa and she's a crazy goth chick. I mean that in the nicest way possible. She's really funny and cute...but I don't know if she's taken. I tend to overlook these facts. 
I had the biggest urge to kiss her today. I heard my mind saying, "Down Lizard. DOWN. STAY." (My nickname is Lizard. Tongue thing, etc.) But gawsh.......she probably would've thought it was funny if I had kissed her (although somewhat akward). Either way, I could've gotten away with it. I already have drew up the perfect fursona for her, so for now I'll just draw out her fursona and mine having HLS. I really want to drop a hint to her, but she's so clueless. It's so cute that she's clueless, too. Gah.

I just wanted to rant. Thanks for reading.

Writer's Block: My Secret Identity

Describe your different personas.
 There's bubbly, crazy me; there's serious, no-nonsense me; and there's quiet, contemplative me. I has a fursona of a striped hyena now. So even if it was a cameo shift, striped hyenas are soooo cwute!

Really strange happenings.

Last night I didn't get to sleep until 4:45 or so. (In the morning of course.)

Why? Because I was terrified out of my mind, and I have no idea why. 

It started at 3:00 (the terror feeling). It was so intense that I got a huge adreline rush and I was paralyzed with fear. I only managed to get up once to turn on my light, but it didn't help. I've never been afraid of the dark or anything like that, but it suddenly felt as if I were being watched. It was really odd and extremely creepy. I hope it doesn't happen again.

This sucks.

My dad's mother in south GA (whom I will never talk to again for certain religious circumstances) sent my grandfather on my mom's side of the family all of the blogs on my myspace. I'm very open with my sexuality on there because most of my friends are just that; friends. If anyone in south GA found out I was a furry and a therian (if they knew what it was) I'd never live it down. I'm seriously considering changing my name and moving back to Miami. These guys just don't quit, even when I told them I'd never speak to them again.

At any rate, I do have some good news. I reinstalled WoW (^_^) and I also got another great game; Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. 'Tis awesome, but it won't load camaigns (it gets to pressing the play button and then shuts itself off) and the same thing happens in skirmishes, except you can play for about 5 minutes before it shuts off with a windows erroe report. Weird.

Oh, I caught a big bass this week and ate it. Delicious. :D
I've also befriended an abused dog, made my cousins laugh a lot, and let out my theriotype a bit by playing with my dog and digging. I think I also spent a lot of time cuddling with my cheetah plushie that I got when I was in 2nd grade. Its name is Spots. 

Oh, and I'm getting -another- haircut to style my supershort hair. (For a girl, it's short, anyways.) Oh! And I was also thinking about getting an iguana. They're so mellow, like me. ^_^


Writer's Block: Gotcha.

What is the best April Fools' Day joke you've ever fallen victim to?
 ....The one during play rehersal where someone opened up a bag filled with moths. I picked up every last one of them. -_-

Posting lol.

I haven't posted in a while so here's an update.

I've discovered another theriotype within me. It's either a hyena or a wolveriene. I can't tell. >_>
Anywhos, I'm trying to get more excercize so I won't be so jittery and stuff. That involves running with my dog, Daisy (Or Daze for short) and weightlifting. I hope to get in shape by the time I turn 17 so I can join the airforce reserves. I know this may be news to some people, but I'll repeat it.

When I graduate I'm thinking about getting a sex change. I know, weird, but I just don't feel right as a girl. The feeling has been overwhelming recently. Sucks.

Lastly, I'm not dating anyone and I'm losing friends because I plan to move soon. Ah, well. They can deal with it. Oh, and I had a car but then I let my sister have it (so she can pay for it). So yeah, once I move I'll be in a place that urges me to go outside a bunch. I can't wait...


You just lost the game. Also, Celtic festival in two days. Get ready for lulz.

Writer's Block: Go Get 'Em?

Are you a go-getter or do you wait for things to happen to you?
I wait. Yeah. I'm kinda lazy like that.

Computer trouble, awesome dreams.

My comp is being weird. This is why I'm not posting much. But anywho, my teeth were filled yesterday (wonderful) and my girlfriend is being weird, molesting me in front of the vending machines and whatnot.

Last night I had a weird dream that I was in a half jackal half vulture form (imagine that >_<) and I was helping carry raw steaks from packaging to a giant grill. I woke up really hungry because I had RARE steaks in my dream....gah. Need more bloody steaks. 

Oh, I hear there'll be a howl in north GA. I'd really like to go; I've never been to one. I wonder what it's like. Anywhos, gotta get going, I'm doing a bunch of work today outside. Hopefully I'll go down to the lake on our property and spend some time relaxing there.


PS: How do I change the smileys in mood to those awesome animal smileys?

Teeth filled. Computer messing up, will fill in the details later.